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I've been meaning to write a blog for the shop for years. I've been in this job for 7 years now and even right at the beginning I thought it would be an interesting thing to do. There is so much life here... every day something different. In fact, I've always thought there's a book here somewhere. I wanted to put a sign up above the counter saying 'Be careful what you say... you may become a character in my book!' However, you are all saved from this by the pure fact that I cannot write! You may, however, feature in this blog! The Shop and Cafe is a perfect petri dish for village life. There are SO many different characters, each with their own celebrations and woes.

I'm writing this from the tall bar table at the back of the Cafe. It's Friday morning and the shop is buzzing for two reasons. Firstly, it's sourdough day. Our amazing bread from Hoxtons Bakery sells so quickly, which reminds me that we must up our order and secondly it's lovely Caroline Taverners exercise classes in the Village Hall and there is always a group of legging clad ladies who come for coffee afterwards, which I love.

Over the next few weeks I will try and explain more about the shop and cafe; how it came to fruition and talk about the characters who work and shop here. I will, obviously, be discreet with names and sensitive information but it will be enough to get a feel of village life and how it can be suffocating and liberating all at once. It's a real lesson on how we all live together and how our lives are intertwined whether we like it or not. We are surrounded by some pretty amazing people who are going through incredible things, right under our noses. Life. I find it fascinating! So, do stay tuned for more.

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This is great Lara. Can’t wait to read more. Xx Pearl

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