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Welcome to
The Boundary Shop and Cafe

What can I tell you about this amazing shop and cafe?   

It has community at its very heart and is so much more than the sum of its parts.   

Built by the community, for the community, it is staffed by local people who understand the importance of a happy face and a welcoming smile as well as great produce and quality service.



St Mary Bourne Shop is an essential part of village life.  Our shelves are stocked with a wide range of basic everyday items as well as showcasing the best local produce that Hampshire has to offer.

We have a deli counter full of homemade goodies and great snacks as well as freshly made cakes and a dedicated ice cream counter.

We offer a dry cleaning service and have a local Post Office counter and have a great array of greeting cards and small gifts.

Our till is manned by an amazing group of volunteers who dedicate their time to help make this shop unique, lively and joyous!


The Boundary Community Cafe opened its doors on 1st December 2022.    It is truly a community enterprise with the majority of the money raised to build it coming from the community in which it serves.     Serving great coffee and hot drinks, cakes, pastries and light meals as well as having an amazing ice cream counter, it is a fantastic asset to an already well facetted village.     Perched on the edge of the cricket pitch, The Boundary is a picturesque space to enjoy this English idyl.

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Our Suppliers

We love to champion local produce in both our shop and cafe as much as we can.   Here are just a few of the amazing brands we sell.

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